Addison County Commission Sales

Livestock Auction:  MONDAY & THURSDAY' S   3:00 pm Weekly

Competitive Market Prices:  Cull Dairy, Cull Beef Breeds, Feeders and Calves
Certified Organic Livestock Markets: Cull Organic Dairy
Special Farm to Table Pricing for Premium Beef:  Steers and Heifers 
Dairy replacements/ Farm dispersal/ Trucking Services/ Appraisals  
Competitive Market for Goats and Sheep 

Weekly Price Updates

Kill Calves

Low - Price per LBS .10- .15

Med- Price per LBS .15- .20

High - Price per LBS .20- .25

Feeder Calves

Low - Price per LBS .50- .70

Med- Price per LBS .80- 1.00

High- Price per LBS 1.00- 3.20

Heifer Calves per LBS .18-.30

Angus Calves per LBS 2.50-4.30


Low- Price per LBS .65- .75

Med- Price per LBS .75- .85

High- Price per LBS .85- 1.05

Maiden Heifer per LBS .95-1.40

Bulls/ Steers 

Price per LBS .90-1.30

Total Numbers


Beef- 175

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